~Bad & Sexy~

Mel and Me2_00000

~On Melinda~


Hair = [e] Quinn – Essentials
Tattoo = [White~Widow] Invictus


Pants = #187# Corsaire Dentelle Black Basic NEW @The Darkness Chamber fair
Shoes = HT – Hayato Sneakers Tip-Toe [Dainty]


Glasses = #187# Darky Round Glasses NEW @The Darkness Chamber fair
Necklace = #187# Cross Necklace Black NEW @The Darkness Chamber fair
NoseChain = #187# Boundhi Black NEW @The Darkness Chamber fair
NippleCover = #187# Spiked Nipple Cover Black NEW @The Darkness Chamber fair
Gloves = **RE** Coraline Gloves Maitreya NEW @~TRES CHIC VENUE~
Nails = ..:Energie::.. Long Point Mesh Nails

~On ME~


~Skin~ = Clef de Peau: Harry
~Eyes~ = THESKINSHOP (EYECOLOR) ‚Mystic‘ (Blues)
~Body~ = #TheMeshProject – Deluxe Body
~Hair~ = Modulus – Leo ~NEW~ @ Shiny Shabby
~Tattoo~ = *Bolson – Mr. Burton


~Jacket~ = ::GB:: Quilted leather jacket
~Pants~ = <kal rau> Casual Jeans ~NOT availible anymore~
~Sneakers~ = 2REAL – LOW CUTTLERZ


~Necklace~ = [MANDALA] TAIGA
~Piercing~ = [MANDALA] OKAKI
~Cap~ = Modulus – Visor

Pose = SN~ and Baby makes 3 NEW @{Pose Lover}

oh and check this out
亗.Meli Ⓕashionista.亗
if U want to see more details of my lovely friend ❤


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